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November 14, 2019

Kevin Dobrava

Kevin is an experienced Corporate Trust industry professional with experience as a member of management, administrative and leadership teams. He has over thirty-one years of corporate trust experience, with an emphasis on municipal and corporate debt, developed through various working and

November 5, 2019

Joe Dattoli

Joe Dattoli is a 15-year veteran in corporate trust. During his tenure, he has held direct business development and sales management roles. Joe’s corporate trust background and experience includes expertise in multiple trust services products and multiple client sectors, such as Health Care,

December 23, 2017

Mark Teichner

Mark joined TMI Trust Company in November 2017 as Chief Investment Officer. Mark will oversee portfolio management and manage investment relationships, investment product development, business development, and support related areas. Mark has 35 years of investment related experience. Mark spent

October 29, 2017

Mark M. Young, Sr.

Mark Young is the president and managing broker of TMI Realty Advisors LLC, where he oversees default administration and brokerage activities, including property management. Mark joined Reliance Trust’s realty advisory group in 2011, which became TMI Realty Advisors LLC in 2014. He has worked in

October 29, 2017

Michael Weber

Mike Weber is Executive Vice President of TMI Trust Company and is responsible for sales as well as Head of Marketing and Product Development. Mike has a 20 year history in corporate trust during which he has held leadership roles in sales, marketing and product development. Mike’s background and

October 29, 2017

LeAnna Sharp

LeAnna Sharp is an executive vice president of TMI and has been with the company since 1986. She has served as a member of TMI’s board of directors and trust committee since 1991. She also served as TMI’s CFO from 1991-2014. LeAnna majored in accounting at the University of Texas-Arlington,

October 29, 2017

Deborah George

Deborah George is chief financial officer at TMI. She is responsible for all financial reporting to executive management and to the board of directors. She also participates in creation of the company’s business and strategic plans and in merger and acquisition analyses. Deborah has more than 30

October 29, 2017

Dinah L. Contino

Dinah Contino is Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer at TMI. Dinah has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Before joining TMI, Dinah served as director of compliance at Reliance Trust. She started with Reliance Trust in 1989, where she also managed

October 29, 2017

Kerrie K. Bernardo

Kerrie Bernardo is an Executive Vice President and the Chief Administrative Officer at TMI and oversees all Human Resources functions and duties for the company. Much of her experience with the company has been providing financial services support to churches, schools, synagogues and other