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Investment Management

Business professionals and affluent investors have limited time to closely monitor economic and market trends, and prefer to delegate investment decision making to trusted advisors. TMI Trust Company’s fiduciary based institutional process, in combination with the insightful market expertise delivered by experienced executives, provides discerning clients with the reassurance their assets are being managed with professional judgement and in their best interests.

TMI Trust Company’s Discretionary Investment Management and Investment Advisory area provides wealth management and investment management services to corporations, retirement plans, foundations, endowments, individuals and personal trust relationships.

TMI provides institutional quality solutions to its clients including asset allocation, individual equity and fixed income separate account management, and customized investment solutions.

Strategies employed include risk weighted asset allocation portfolios, utilization of open architecture, best in class third party mutual funds and/or ETFs, and separate account equity and bond portfolios.

Outsourced CIO and investment consulting services are provided to intermediary financial institutions, leveraging TMI Trust’s experience and capabilities in the asset management business. Services are customized to meet the needs of the institution.

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Mark Teichner

Chief Investment Officer