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September 5, 2018


        TMI Trust Company is pleased to present its newest addition to its investment options, WealthStages Portfolios. Utilizing the highest level of fiduciary standards and an institutional asset allocation approach, each portfolio is an investment solution suitable for

December 25, 2017

Layer37 Solutions

Layer37 Solutions, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of TMI Holdings, Inc. that provides common sense security solutions for companies in the areas of information security, risk management, regulatory compliance and business continuity. For more information, click on the logo below to be taken to

November 10, 2017

TMI Advisory Services, LLC

Life’s harsh reality is that those who have experienced the most difficult situations (defaults, bankruptcies and foreclosures) have a greater understanding as to how to set their clients on a path for success, and to work to prepare for shifts in markets and certain mistakes made in every day

November 4, 2017

Church, Non-Profit and Advisory Services

Throughout its history, TMI Trust Company has provided specialized trust, fiduciary and real estate services in areas where others have been unable or unwilling to meet the needs of certain markets. Some of these areas include trustee and loan agent for tax-exempt, faith-based bond

November 4, 2017

Fiduciary Services For Investment Partnerships And Family Offices

Starting in the sixth century, when kings appointed stewards to manage their royal wealth, and being cemented in 1838 with the founding of the House of Morgan by J.P. Morgan to manage the family assets, the concepts of Investment Partnerships and Family Offices (IP/FO) have grown to cover all

November 4, 2017

IRA and Custodial Services

TMI Trust Company understands that an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is an important tool in retirement planning. IRAs are designed to provide a mechanism for retirement savings on a tax-advantaged basis. Whether an individual or a Registered Investment Advisor, it is essential to have a

November 4, 2017

Loan Agency

The intense deleveraging in the banking sector through tighter regulation, coupled with more stringent lending standards since the financial crisis, has opened a window of opportunity for non-bank direct lenders who now make up over 85% of the middle market. Asset managers such as Business

November 4, 2017

Escrow Agent

The globalization of the business world has ushered in a new era when transactions are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. Many of these transactions now require that funds, securities, or other assets are held in escrow until the agreed upon stipulations of the transaction are

November 4, 2017

Corporate Trust

Today’s corporate and public finance debt markets have become increasingly complex in a regulatory environment that presents an ever-changing landscape. While these forces are at work, issuers still need to secure financing to fuel their growth and often turn to bonds, medium term notes and

November 4, 2017

Corporate Trust, Escrow and Loan Agency Services

TMI Trust Company is a top-quality provider of trust, escrow and agency services to both the corporate and public finance markets in the US. Our expertise and our agility enable us to tailor a solution for clients depending on their needs and do so in a manner that does not cause delays in the