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Commentary November 11, 2017

TMI Market Trax – 3Q2017

While down in the Bahamas this summer on vacation, a friend posted a series of pictures on social media. The scenes were rather idyllic and alluring, with images of beautiful white sandy beaches, sunbathing vacationers on poolside lounge chairs, reeling in billfish off the side of a deep-sea fishing boat in calm, blue ocean waters, and sipping from colorful icy drinks with little umbrellas and a slice of dripping pineapple hanging from the rim. I was envious and happy for them as they enjoyed their time away, but at the same time becoming concerned. Watching the weather updates and projected “spaghetti model” future paths of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, these tranquil paradises were in line and at risk of being hit by the powerful effects of mother nature, with the potential loss of life, damage to property, and these seemingly carefree living conditions.