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Commentary May 1, 2018

TMI Market Trax – 1Q2018

This past February I was fortunate to attend an annual father-son dinner at my son’s high school where the keynote speaker was Dick Hoyt. While not the star power of past presenters, such as Archie Manning and Vince Dooley, his personal account was as inspiring a story as one could hear. Hoyt spoke of his dedication to give his quadriplegic and cerebral palsy afflicted son (due to complications at birth) the opportunity to experience a full and meaningful life, contrary to doctors’ recommendations to institutionalize him. Together, Team Hoyt not only participated, but also competed, in marathons and triathlons via Dick’s own grueling physical effort, by running while pushing a wheelchair, towing a raft while swimming, and carting his son on a special two seat bicycle. Hoyt accomplished these feats without previously being much of a training enthusiast.