Terry McRoberts

Terry McRoberts is the Vice Chairman of TMI Holdings and has served on its board of directors 2016. Terry started his career in corporate trust in 1971 with Continental Illinois National Bank. Terry then became Vice President and Head of Corporate Trust at Security Pacific National Bank in 1985. In 1992, Terry Joined US Bank’s corporate trust group and was eventually elevated to Executive Vice President where he oversaw the entirety of US Bank’s Corporate trust Group. During his tenure, Terry executed various management assignments including managing over a dozen major Corporate Trust acquisitions, opening a London International office, and he was CEO of First Trust New York in 1994.

Terry is well-known in the corporate trust industry and has been active in its promotion. Terry has been a speaker at the ABA, the Cannon School of Corporate Trust, AIB, GFOA, and other groups. Terry is a member and former Chairperson of the ABA Corporate Trust Committee.

Terry received his undergraduate BA degree from Central Washington State University and his MBA from DePaul University Chicago.