Steven B. Eason

Steve Eason is the Chief Executive Officer of TMI Trust Company, responsible for all fiduciary products; including sales, marketing, service delivery and financials for TMI. Throughout his career he has been an industry leader in corporate and public finance trust and agency services, which has spanned nearly 30 years.

Prior to joining TMI, Steve was the senior manager in charge of Public Finance and US Regional Expansion of Corporate Trust Services at Deutsche Bank for 13 years. He had additional roles, including the head of Global Debt Services Sales and also served on the board of directors for Deutsche Bank National Trust Company. Previously, Steve was the head of Corporate Trust Services at Wachovia.

Steve is a Certified Corporate Trust Specialist (CCTS) and has held that industry designation for more than 22 years. He has served on the American Bankers Association Corporate Trust Planning Committee at various times over the last 15 years. Steve has a Master of Business Administration Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Business Administration from The University of Indianapolis.