Joe Dattoli

Joe Dattoli is a 15-year veteran in corporate trust. During his tenure, he has held direct business development and sales management roles. Joe’s corporate trust background and experience includes expertise in multiple trust services products and multiple client sectors, such as Health Care, Media Telecom, Consumer, Industrials, Public Finance, Financial Institutions, and Legal firms.

Joe has worked cooperatively with clients to deliver solutions to meet their specific needs, from bespoke designed smaller multi-party transactions to large $17 billion+ multi-currency, cross-border transactions. He understands and is familiar with the wide variety of financial transaction structures used in the current financial markets from structured lending to project finance to tender option bonds (TOB).

Prior to joining TMI Trust Company, Joe spent 14 years in the Corporate Trust and Agency Services group at Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas in business development positions where he was responsible for fulfilling the corporate trust needs of corporate and financial clients.

Prior to Joe’s career at Deutsche Bank, he held numerous sales, sales management, product management and marketing positions in the financial publishing and consumer product industries. Joe’s diverse experiences have further enabled him to provide insight through a client-centric perspective to help guide a consultative client solution approach.

Joe is a graduate of South Carolina University with a BS degree in Marketing.