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November 14, 2019

Mark Rhein

Mr. Rhein joined Salem Trust Company (now a Division of TMI Trust Company) as Chief Operating Officer in 2012, and became President in 2017. Beginning his financial services career in 1978, his past experience includes senior management positions at Synovus Bank, Fifth Third Bank and SunTrust Bank.

December 23, 2017

Christopher M. Teevan

Chris Teevan joined TMI Holdings, Inc. as Vice Chairman in 2017 and has more than 37 years of diverse financial services management experience. Before joining TMI Chris was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Reliance Financial Corporation, a subsidiary of FIS where he held the

October 29, 2017

Dennis D. Gillespie

Dennis Gillespie is the President and Chief Operating Officer of TMI, responsible for implementation of the strategic vision and direction of the company including administrative and regulatory compliance. Dennis has multi-faceted experience in all aspects of operations, team leadership, process

October 29, 2017

Terry McRoberts

Terry McRoberts is the Vice Chairman of TMI Holdings and has served on its board of directors 2016. Terry started his career in corporate trust in 1971 with Continental Illinois National Bank. Terry then became Vice President and Head of Corporate Trust at Security Pacific National Bank in 1985. In

October 29, 2017

Robert C. Finley

Robert Finley was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of TMI and has served on the board of directors of TMI since 1984. Bob practiced law until 1991, when he joined TMI as president. He has broad experience in both government and private sectors and has served on the board of directors of various

October 29, 2017

Kenneth C. Krei

Ken Krei joined TMI Holdings, Inc. in 2017 as Vice-Chairman. Before joining TMI, Ken provided consulting services for M&A, financial services strategies and general management. Ken was an Executive Vice President at FIS Global, responsible for wealth technology and delivery. Ken was engaged

October 29, 2017

Steven B. Eason

Steve Eason is the Chief Executive Officer of TMI Trust Company, responsible for all fiduciary products; including sales, marketing, service delivery and financials for TMI. Throughout his career he has been an industry leader in corporate and public finance trust and agency services, which has

October 29, 2017

Anthony A. Guthrie

Tony Guthrie is Executive Chairman of TMI Holdings, Inc., and TMI Trust Company. Tony provides executive leadership for all of the company’s fiduciary activities. He has more than 42 years of experience in banking and finance. Prior to joining TMI Trust Company, Tony held several positions at