Coverdell Education Savings Account

A Coverdell ESA is an investment tool designed to help you pay for your children’s education. The plan allows total after-tax contributions of $2,000 per year for each child, until they are 18 years old. However, contributions can be made for special needs individuals even after they turn 18 years of age. Anyone can help contribute to your child’s Coverdell ESA as long as the account stays within the maximum contribution limits. Certain income limitations may apply.


Contributions and earnings can be withdrawn tax-free to pay for qualified education expenses.


Qualified Education Expenses

Qualified education expenses are those that are required for the enrollment or attendance of an educational institution, including:

  • Tuition
  • Fees for books
  • Supplies
  • Equipment


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You can also visit the IRS website for additional information on Coverdell ESAs by clicking here.