Family Office and Investment Partnership Services

Features of TMI Trust Company Fiduciary Services

  • Assets held in segregated accounts under TMI Trust Company, a Texas based trust company
  • An investment driven solution providing customized packages of services designed to meet the specific needs of each client
  • Valuation and unitization of partnership assets on a frequency desired by the client
  • Dedicated partnership accountant assigned to each relationship
  • Monthly and annual reporting of all account activity with periodic review of client reporting needs
  • Online view access for transaction activity in the accounts
  • Customized solutions in a scale-able environment

Benefits of TMI Trust Company Fiduciary Services

  • Increased accuracy through the minimization of manual account processing
  • Automated accounting of partner and partnership assets and allocations
  • Automated tracking of the basis of contributed assets
  • Ability to customize reports through integrated report design applications and trust accounting functionality
  • Flexibility to provide pro-rata, layered and aggregate allocation structures
  • Accurate allocation of income, expenses, realized and unrealized gains and losses

 Key Service Components

  • Partnership Asset Custody
  • Partner Interest Custody
  • Monthly Valuation (NAV)
  • Income Allocations
  • Unit Purchase/Sale Processing
  • Trust Accounting-GL Integration
  • Monthly and Annual Reporting
  • Tax Reporting
  • Full Partnership Accounting
  • Collect and Distribute Income
  • Full Accrual System
  • Online Access