Church & Nonprofit Services

TMI serves more churches issuing debt securities than any other single trust company or bank, and serves in a fiduciary capacity for more than half of all church and nonprofit bond offerings in the United States. We also provide other trust and fiduciary services directly to broker dealers and other issuers.


Personalized Service

We provide each account with its own personal administrator who assists with:

  • Closing documentation & closing process
  • Sets up the account
  • Oversees disbursement of bond proceeds
  • Monitors the issuer’s performance
  • Answers all issuer & bondholder questions


Our Services

We offer a full menu of church bond and loan fund services.


Contact Us Today

For more information, contact our investor services department at or by phone at one of our locations:


Texas Office – Investor Services:  800-580-2933

Georgia Office – Investor Services:  800-241-5568