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Trust Management has more than forty five years experience serving as Trustee for more than 2200 church bond issues with obligations exceeding one billion dollars. Trust Management clearly understands the high level of trust services required by churches and their bond underwriters and broker/dealers. Our directors have over 130 years of professional experience and our employees are seasoned veterans in church bond administration.  With this type of experience under our belts we certainly understand the objectives and the specialized needs of a church and its bond underwriter when issuing bonds, and we pride ourselves on full service to the underwriter, the Church and the bondholders.  As trustee for your future bond issues, we will do everything necessary to meet your deadlines because we are totally committed to getting our job done and making your job easier.  Our rapid response time is just one of the many reasons to use Trust Management as the trustee for your next church bond issue.

Church Bond issues require a Paying Agent, Registrar and Trustee that must be independent of the church. In most cases, the best interests of the church and the bondholders can be met when a fiduciary like Trust Management, a Texas Trust Company with a proven track record in the field of church bond administration, serves as the trustee, paying agent and registrar for the bond issue. The risks and responsibilities are too great to do otherwise.

As an independent trust company, Trust Management is not in competition with the church bond underwriters and broker/dealers. Unlike banks and many other trust companies, we do not sell CD’s, annuities, REIT’s, proprietary mutual funds, bonds or other securities.   We believe that our independence and specialization in church bond administration enable us to act with utmost concern for every client's interest with undivided loyalty. Trust Management is committed to the ever-changing needs of the church and non-profit securities industry.  In this era of big financial institutions that continually expand by offering more new products with higher fees and fewer services, traditional qualities such as business continuity, personal service, specialized expertise and commitment to core purposes are now even more important than ever.

Our bondholder services are unsurpassed in the industry – friendly, knowledgeable and thorough.  After the bonds have been issued, we will turn our attention to serving the needs of the bondholders with the same quickness and dedication.  When your customers have any questions, they can call us on our toll-free 800 number and get quick answers from a knowledgeable Trust Management employee.

You can rely on Trust Management from the planning stages of your new issue to its final maturity. In this era of fast moving financial markets, any mistakes or unwarranted delays, no matter how small, can be critical to your business and should not be tolerated. Trust Management has a well-deserved reputation for processing church bond transactions efficiently and expeditiously. Trust Management can provide levels of specialized church bond experience, professionalism and customer service, that few, if any other trustees can come close to matching.  When you start working on your next church bond issue, choose Trust Management as trustee and you will be amazed at how fast we can get up to speed. You will not be disappointed.


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